Prometeo and EcoProlive

From September 1st 2015, Prometeo is partner of Ecoprolive, a project funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, involving 9 partners of 4 different UE countries.

The EcoPROLIVE project aims at testing, demonstrating, validating, and prototyping an innovative processing system for olive oil production and at least one functional food ingredient. The integral system pursues the full exploitation of the nutritive and bioactive potential of the olive with no waste generation or loss of valuable components.

Prometeo will be involved both in the Feasibility study, both in the Product R&D Characterization, with different aims:

  • Characterization of the final product obtained with the new process (novel ingredient)
  • Bakery product development with the functional ingredient
  • Bakery product Characterization

Last, but not least, Communication and Dissemination activities will be basic and of primary importance.

Prometeo Farro